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Vietnam visa on arrival, Travel smart: Passport safety and visa assurance Any traveler knows the importance of keeping their passport in their own possession at all times. In fact, passports on the black market can go for thousands of dollars and it is not wise to hand over such documents at the request of just any individual. Any traveler knows the importance of keeping their passport in their own possession at all times. In fact, passports on the black market can go for thousands of dollars and it is not wise to hand over such documents at the request of just any individual.

Let's say you are renting a motorbike in Cambodia or renting a room in Thailand for a day. Do you really trust the only official documentation of your existence in the hands of complete strangers?

A smart traveler should carry high quality color copies of their passport and any reasonable travel agency or rental representative will accept this copy as proper documentation. Often as backup documentation you can request an official passport card from your country of origin, which is additional assurance that you keep your original passport in your possession at all times. These days most of the reputable travel businesses will simply scan your passport on the spot and hand it back to you. Unless it is a proper government official requesting your documents, there is simply no reason to let your passport out of your possession.

What do you do about obtaining a Visa if you are not comfortable mailing off your passport to a random embassy for Visa approval? In fact, certain embassies in some countries may take days to process the request and have additional fees for rush processing. Depending on the region you are mailing the passport from, this could add additional weeks to your wait and worry. Fortunately, there is a quick and safe way to get your Visa without mailing your passport away. It is called "Visa on

It consulting course

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Utilizing this service and being smart with your passport while traveling abroad can save you time, money and most importantly, give you peace of mind that your personal information is in your hands at all times.
  It means that visitors will take only 17 minutes to reach the top of the mountain which is 1,400 metres above the sea level.

Last year, the resort hosted 26,000 tourists during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Tram Chim National Park to pilot flood season tours

The Management Board of Tram Chim National Park in Tam Nong District, Dong Thap Province, has received approval from provincial People's Committee for the park's Centre of Tourism and Environmental Education to carry out a pilot project offering tours to experience the flooding season.

The tours will feature several grassroots activities including the experience of being a fisherman and harvesting the "ghost rice". The activities are apart from the sightseeing delights that the park offers.

The project will close at the end of this year.

Tourist influx tipped for Tet, companies to prepare tours

Tour operators and travel agencies are preparing to welcome tens of thousands of foreign tourists for the nation's biggest traditional festival, the Tet.

The tour packages are aimed at ensuring the cosy reunion of people over Tet. Packages were also designed to attract foreign visitors to explore festivals held exclusively for the occasion.

Saigontourist Marketing Manager Doan Thi Thanh Tra said the influx would begin on January 26.

"So far, more than 8,500 tourists have booked with the comapny," Tra said.

Tours were an ideal introduction of Tet to foreigners, Tra said. For example, the Mekong Delta Tet tour includes a stop at a local household, specialising in floriculture, a traditional lunch with the family and a lesson on how to cook traditional foods. In addition, hotels and restaurants under the company had prepared special menus for the first four days of Tet, she said.

A Vietnamtravel marketing department representative, Duong Mai Lan, said the most popular destinations during Tet were Hoi An, Da Nang and the Mekong Delta.

Lan said tours included a Vietnamese-style celebration of the Lunar New Year where traditional dishes, including square glutinous rice cakes and lean pork paste, are served.

This year, Viet Nam expects to receive 5.3 million overseas visitors.

Tour offers green perspective

As perhaps Ha Noi's most tranquil spot, it is difficult to think of many ways to improve the experience of wandering around the West Lake. However, an ambitious tourist company is trying to do exactly that. How? By offering tours around the 18km route in environmentally friendly

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The small, speedy and silent vehicles offer a unique mode of transport around the lake, and offer tourists the chance to enjoy beautiful sights, breathe in the fresh air and visit some unique locations along the way.

Five tourism packages will be offered, including site visits to temples, pagodas and some beauty spots as well as regular food stops where local delicacies including snail noodles and crisp shrimp pancakes can be savoured.

Bui Thai Binh, a resident in the capital, is a fan of the new tours, which last half a day, and when receiving friends from HCM City one of the first things he does is take to West Lake.

"I often ride my motorbike around this area to enjoy the breeze and fresh air, however, when sitting in an electric car I have an even more peaceful and atmospheric feeling," he said.

The tour always starts at the Electric Car Operation Centre on 614 Lac Long Quan Street with a view out onto the lake, with the morning sunlight bouncing off the surface of the water. The buggies then set out along the romantic lakeside roads – a favourite spot for dating couples.

"On the way, tourists are introduced in Vietnamese and English to the legend and history of West Lake as well as being informed about the history of the remarkable vestiges and beautiful architecture and listening to songs about the lake," said a guide from the Thanh Do Company, which runs the tour.

The first stop is at Tay Ho Temple located on the banks of the lake, which has long impressed